Be happy by forgetting that you were ever sad


One method for avoiding or getting out of depression that I’ve come across in Ted Talks, blogs and conversation is about doing rather than just thinking about doing. Dwelling seems to be a common setback of mine. I contemplate, analyze, ruminate, agonize. I think so much about why I am feeling sad and what I am doing wrong. I can pinpoint all of the things I would like to change about my mood and my behaviour. The problem is, I don’t do anything about it.

Perhaps it would be useful to just ‘get over it’. This sounds crass, but I’m not saying it to anyone else, only to myself. Maybe it is time that I stop using the excuse that I feel depressed. Maybe it’s time to stop looking at myself as a victim, to stop being angry at myself for not being better. Maybe it’s time to just start having fun.

In Mel Robbins’ Ted Talk entitled ‘How to stop screwing yourself over’, she makes a very clear point about motivation. She says you’re never going to feel like it. No matter what ‘It’ is, you’re never going to feel like doing it. You’re never going to feel like getting a root canal. You’re never going to feel like reorganizing your closet. You’re never going to feel like turning off the tv and going for a walk outside instead.

running beach
You’re never going to feel like doing it, but if you might feel better once you’ve started.

Perhaps you might be confused because there were times in the past that you did in fact feel like doing one of those things, though I highly doubt the root canal was on the top of your ‘Fun things to do on Mondays’ list. What is important is that you don’t wait around for when you feel like doing something, you just do it. What is surprising is that sometimes once you have begun doing something, you actually do start to feel better. Once you’ve made the extremely difficult decision to put down your smartphone and sit on your yoga mat, you might start enjoying it.

So maybe it could work for me to simply stop ruminating about being sad or not being good enough or not being perfect and just start doing things. If I am always telling myself that I’m tired and depressed then that is exactly what I will be. On the other hand, if I tell myself that I am happy then I might have a chance of making that statement true.


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