What’s the difference between settling and being happy with what you have?



In our world, one of the most pervasive attitudes toward lifestyle is that the absolute worst thing you can ever do is to settle for less than you deserve. Now, more than ever before, we are told that the world is our oyster. We can see through mainstream and social media how many opportunities are out there, and we are determined to excel at life. In 2018 it is absolutely unheard of to have an ordinary life. Only an extraordinary life is sufficient.

When choosing a partner, we won’t settle for anything less than true love (whatever that means). Relationships are not meant to be hard work. Partners are not supposed to have issues, or baggage, or complicated histories. Friends and family members should be easy to get along with, and should never do anything that might make us feel down. Everyone around us needs to live up to a certain set of standards. The moment they put one toe out of line, they fail the test and are immediately kicked to the curb. For, if we were to have to put in effort to try to fix an imperfect relationship, that would be seen as ‘settling’.

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Savouring the ephemeral beauty of an evening commute


I am not a winter person by any means, so the thought that spring could be on the horizon makes my pale, dry, eternally frigid skin jump for joy. But as soon as you start waiting for something, the longer it can seem to take. It is only when we stop seeking signs of spring that the first blossoms begin to bloom.

I have a weekly appointment outside of the city on Thursday afternoons, which always ends at the same time, and takes me through gently rolling hills and fields of grass on my drive back home. Over the past few weeks, this evening commute has been the stage for  a magical event,  which fills the sky with streams of puffy clouds in hues of indigo and pink, stretching before me to both edges of the horizon.

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Does blogging count as Social Media?


I’m quite new to blogging as I can’t quite get my head around the ‘actively seeking out followers’ aspect of it. I know that I don’t personally do well with most forms of social media as I vehemently despise the thought of being judged by others, and react rather badly when I feel overlooked or unimportant.

When I first started this blog a couple of years ago, I jumped right in and had a lot of fun writing my first few posts. However, as time passed, I came to the realization that waiting for and expecting external gratification on my blog in the form of views, visits, likes and followers made my stomach do flips. For me, the blog was just another form of social media, a platform where you can see how many followers you have, and compare that number to the inevitably higher counts on other bloggers’ sites.

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To do, not-to-do or done? A variety of list styles to help you reach your goals


Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend to encourage young entrepreneurs and go-getters to forgo the old-fashioned To-do lists in favour of a Not-to-do list.

Essentially, a Not-to-do list is a compilation of all of the things that you should not focus  on, so that you can more easily achieve the small number of goals that are actually your top priorities.

Journalist Sean Kim wrote about this new philosophy for goal-setting in a 2014 Huffington Post article, which discussed business magnate Warren Buffett’s advice on how best to focus on your goals. In short, Buffett recommended listing all of your goals and then singling out only the most important priorities, pushing all of the remaining entries onto an ‘avoid-at-all-cost’ list.

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Don’t take that photo! Living in the moment as opposed to simply documenting it.


In a world where instagram, tumblr, shapchat, whatsapp, facebook and a plethora of other forms of social media dominate our daily lives, we feel the overwhelming urge to document our experiences. For some, a home-cooked meal is not as enjoyable if it doesn’t look picture perfect. It would feel like a waste to spend the time making such a gourmet treat without snapping a shot to save the memory, and maybe to share it with friends and family, or the world.

But when does the desire to document our memories and save those precious moments actually put those moments at risk of not being savoured? I’ve often been forced to enjoy a concert of one of my favourite bands through the lenses of other people’s smart phones — or even worse, tablets. I’ve then wondered to myself if those people will ever watch the videos again, or if they are simply taken to ‘save the memory’, destined to take up digital space in some forgotten folder on their macbooks which will never be opened again.

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You can’t ‘half’ jump off a cliff. You either take the leap, or you don’t.


Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend of mine about indecision and taking risks, and he used a phrase so profound and so inspiring that I returned to this blog after over a year of avoiding it, feeling guilty about avoiding it, and wondering if writing a blog is the best choice for me. He said ‘you can’t half jump off a cliff.’

As a writer, I was so touched by these words that I had to stop to get a pen and paper and write the phrase down. We continued to discuss the metaphor, laughing while imagining a person trying to jump while at the same time holding onto the rocks for dear life.

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Weltschmerz – How to remain positive when the world gets you down


In the past few days, the state of the world and the future has been an overwhelming focus for many people. With the recent presidential election in the United States being a major topic of conversation both on- and offline, it can sometimes be difficult to clear the worries from our minds.

No matter which side of the debate you are on, what your personal views are or what your outlook for the future is, we are all innundated with images and stories of uproar, unrest and violence. We are sometimes afraid to share our political views with certain friends, family members, or coworkers as we fear they will not understand. We feel helpless and search for reasons by reading everything we can about the events.

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